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Diploma of Animation & Digital Video

Full time, 35 or 41 weeks, level 5, NZQA approved


Do you dream of working in animation or video production? Then the Diploma of Animation and Digital Video is the ideal launching pad for you.

This programme teaches skills and techniques of animation and video production and you will be working on projects from idea to reality. You'll develop storytelling and design skills, learn to shoot, capture and edit digital video record voiceovers, edit music and create your own soundtracks.

This course also covers the latest industry standard techniques for 3D modelling and animation as well as post-production finishing touches. With this diploma in your hand, you can develop your skills further with Yoobee's advanced level 6 diplomas.  Diploma of Digital Filmmaking (Advanced) or Diploma of Animation (Advanced),

Start your career in Animation of Digital Filmmaking today!


Course Componentsanimation & digital video

  • Story-telling - develop storytelling skills essential to communication using animation and moving images
  • Image manipulation - capture, edit, create and manipulate images
  • Design - learn the principles of design and design processes
  • Introduction to video post production - learn post production processes, including editing, motion graphics and visual effects; produce a complete video project
  • Introduction to 3D modelling - model a range of hard body and organic 3D forms; surface, light, composite and render simple 3D scenes
  • Audio post production - record voiceovers, edit music and voice tracks; create soundtracks
  • Introduction to 3D animation - critically evaluate animation; produce a 3D animation
  • Individual project - a video or animation project of your own design
  • Workshops - develop essential skills and knowledge for animation and video production.

* Course content is subject to change to ensure continued industry relevance.

Note: classes run Monday to Friday.phyo-thu


  • Assessment is standards-based, which means you need to meet all the standards set for a particular task.
  • There are no marks or examinations.
  • All projects must be produced to a commercial standard.
  • You are encouraged to develop technical skills and your own design style.
  • Reassessment opportunities are available.
  • Minimum 80% attendance requirements apply.

Equipment & Software


  • Apple Macintosh computers
  • Digital video cameras
  • Sound recording equipment
  • Video production room with studio lighting and green screen


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Apple Final Cut Pro
  • Apple Soundtrack Pro

Entry Requirements

You are required to show us your creativity by submitting some examples of your work in a medium of your choice. A working knowledge of digital imaging software such as Adobe Photoshop and illustration software such as Adobe FreeHand or Adobe Illustrator is an advantage.

If English is not your first language an IELTS 5.5 Academic (no subtests lower than 5.0) or equivalent is required. You can also sit for a Free Yoobee Online English Placement Test as an alternative proof of English level. Contact us for more details.








Course Fees & Related Costs

mikegrayCourse fees

Domestic students: $6,958
International students: $21,300

Domestic course fees are GST inclusive. Course fees could be subject to change.



Course costs

For some items the cost will vary depending on the brand of item purchased or on the student’s individual needs. Students are encouraged to discuss the items with their tutor before purchasing.

Items provided by the College
  • 1 visual diarygirl-power3
  • Software manuals
  • 300 print credits
  • Monthly internet quota

Essential items to purchase

  • External Firewire hard drive – 
    up to $200
  • 1 MiniDV video tape – approx. $15
  • Headphones – approx. $60
Additional items students may need or wish to purchase
  • 1 SD card – approx. $8
  • 10 CD labels – approx. $15
  • 10 CD presentation cases – approx. $50
  • Storage media (extra CD/DVDs) – up to $70
  • Extra print credits – up to $80 (if you exceed provided quota)
  • Extra internet quota – up to $100 (if you exceed provided quota)
  • Sundry stationery – up to $100




Industry Relevance

  • YOOBEE @Natcoll liaises closely with the video, animation and interactive industries to ensure the latest commercial practices are taught.
  • YOOBEE @Natcoll encourages students to work on real industry projects.

These connections with industry mean you will have the skills needed to maximise your potential in the follow-on Digital Filmmaking (Advanced) and Animation (Advanced) diplomas.


Career Opportunitiesmike-gray2

Successful graduates can seek entry level positions in the video or animation industries as, for example:

  • Motion graphics designers
  • Video editors
  • 3D animators
  • 3Dmodellers/texturers
  • Visual effects artists
  • Compositors

However, our industry contacts suggest a minimum of two to three years study is more desirable.

Further learning

Develop your skills in your chosen area of expertise with Natcoll's Level 6 Diploma of Digital Filmmaking (Advanced) or Diploma of Animation (Advanced), or broaden your skills through one of YOOBEE @Natcoll's other diploma courses.

Diploma of Animation and Digital Video

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9 February 09 - 14 December 09
6 July 09 - 23 March 10
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