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For Employers: Diploma of Animation (Advanced)

Graduates of the Diploma of Animation (Advanced) are further prepared to work in industries where 3D computer animation is produced

Graduates are able to:

  • Produce 3D models of various hard body and organic objects, from supplied model sheets.
  • Design and produce a 3D model of a biped character, including IK rig and facial animation controls.
  • Produce and apply textures to 3D models including use of UV and normal mapping techniques.
  • Lighting and rendering of animated shots.
  • Produce character animation using a variety of rigs.
  • Describe how legal and copyright issues affect animation production.
  • Demonstrate effective communication techniques for animation production.
  • Work as part of a team, to produce an animated short.
  • Complete a major individual animation project, with the option to specialise in one or more areas of animation production.