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For Employers: Diploma of Animation & Digital Video

Graduates of the Diploma of Animation and Digital Video have a foundation of core skills upon which to build a career in the video or animation production industries.

Graduates are able to:

  • Hold an audience‚Äôs attention through storytelling using a variety of mediums (still images, sketches, animation, video, voice).
  • Use digital image manipulation and illustration software (Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator) and techniques to create assets for digital production, solving any common digital imaging problems (e.g. masking, image extraction, resolution issues, etc).
  • Use design principles to define the style of a production.
  • Produce concepts for a video production of a specified genre and develop a storyline and script using a storyboard and pre-production planning.
  • Model a range of hard body and organic 3D forms from reference material (including ability to surface, light, composite and render simple scenes) for use in video and animation projects.
  • Shoot and capture video producing simple motion graphics.
  • Edit music and voice tracks, record a voiceover, create soundtracks and foley effects for use in video post production and animation.
  • Produce a completed video production which includes an interview, titles, cutaway shots, and actuality.

These graduates also produced a video or animation project of their own design, and took part in a workshop where they demonstrated a clear understanding of copyright issues pertaining to 3D animation and video production.