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For Employers: Diploma of Digital Filmmaking (Advanced)

Graduates of the Diploma of Digital Filmmaking (Advanced) are further prepared to work in industries where video editing, motion graphics and visual effects are produced.

Graduates are able to:

  • Write, plan and shoot a short film, TVC or music video,
  • Edit video for a range of applications (drama, TVC, music video).
  • Edit video to effectively support pace and the emotion of a scene.
  • Edit music and voice tracks, apply sound effects and foley.
  • Design vector and bitmap graphics for use in video.
  • Design and produce motion graphics (including 2D graphic elements in 2D and 3D space).
  • Plan and produce visual effects and composite with live action footage.
  • Encode video for DVD video delivery, design and produce menu and interface graphics, and author DVDs.
  • Explain video formats and delivery codecs.
  • Describe how legal and copyright issues affect video post production, demonstrate effective communication techniques for video post production, and describe video post production systems and workflow patterns.
  • Critically analyse film, television programmes, commercials and music videos.