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For Employers: Diploma of Digital Media (Advanced)

Students entering this course are expected to have high technical standards, therefore the course focus is not on ‘how to’ perform the technical aspects of digital media disciplines but rather on producing digital media that effectively meets the needs of the client.

Graduates of the Diploma of Digital Media (Advanced) have worked on a variety of projects in a studio environment throughout the course:

  • Research Briefs: using weekly briefs explored different research areas and methods, and expanded conceptual problem-solving skills.
  • Group Projects:
    • 48-hour brief – produced a campaign in two days.
    • Worked in a team to solve a set brief.
  • Industry Projects:
    • Visual Advocacy Brief - developed design work for a not-for-profit organisation.
    • Client Project – often will have secured and produced a project for a real client.

Graduates prepared portfolios, publicly presented their work and participated in an exhibition. They are able to question and examine design problems form all angles, and have a high level of design awareness and confidence gained through observation, research, risk-taking and experimentation.

Graduates are encouraged to achieve a high (professional) standard in all that they produce.