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For Employers: Diploma of Computer Graphic Design

Graduates of the Diploma of Computer Graphic Design course are able to design creatively with a very high technical standard of production and be immediately productive in the workplace. Graduates know that the graphic design and print industries expect its members to be able to work to strict deadlines and to produce documents without a single error.

Graduates are able to:

  • Produce documents that are well-designed and laid out for effective communication incorporating issues of readability, legibility, and typographic conventions.
  • Employ the appropriate digital illustration techniques to produce illustrations that meet client, target market and production process requirements.
  • Understand and identify what a good digital image is, how it is achieved and the required resolution for print.
  • In addition to the Diploma qualification most students will have achieved Unit Standards. Some of the requirements of these Unit Standards are to demonstrate competency in the fundamentals of prepress and the ability to prepare electronic files for commercial printing.
  • Design a packaging solution from a given brief.
  • Develop visual concepts to show different proposals to clients.
  • Understand the importance and maintenance of company branding in the production of advertising and corporate communications.

Examples of employment gained by graduates