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For Employers: Diploma of Interactive Design

Graduates of the Diploma of Interactive Design course are skilled designers for the interactive and web design industries and have a level of digital design skills that make them work-ready for employment.

Graduates are able to:

  • Generate and develop ideas fulfilling design briefs.
  • Design and produce static websites to a commercial standard and competently prepare designs for web development workflow.
  • Produce to a commercial standard, audio and video content for web and interactive projects.
  • Compress and optimise video and audio assets for a wide range of interactive applications.
  • Design and produce an interactive project (e.g. websites, CD/DVD-ROMs, kiosks, installations) incorporating interactive and animated components using vector animation tools.
  • Create a story and characters (with graphic, video and audio assets) for interactive games.
  • Design and produce an interactive project to a commercial standard

These graduates also designed and produced an interactive project, and took part in a workshop where they demonstrated a clear understanding of copyright issues pertaining to web and interactive design.

Examples of employment gained by graduates