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For Employers: Diploma of Web Development

Graduates of the Diploma of Web Development are effective web developers who utilise web technologies creatively to solve real world problems supporting their work with industry quality processes.

Graduates are able to:

  • Create effective designs and understand how users will interact with the website.
  • Use image manipulation software to prepare images for integration into web pages.
  • Proficiently use current browser based languages and techniques.
  • Implement a web scripting language to enhance a website by including dynamic functionality.
  • Create interactive animations for use in a website.
  • Set up a website on a remote server and work with a third party hosting service.
  • Plan and implement a relational database.
  • Effectively use server-side languages and techniques.
  • Plan, implement and document a dynamic web application.
  • Graduates also attended sessions on industry standard content management systems, how to handle credit card payments, Google maps, Ajax, code libraries, how to make sites for mobile phones and for the disabled.

These graduates also produced a dynamic, database-driven website for a paying or charity customer project which was publicly presented.

Examples of employment gained by graduates