Kiwi filmmakers are amongst the best in the world and their work has been lauded all around the globe.  Thanks to their exceptional talents, New Zealand’s film industry is thriving and opportunities in film, television and post production abound. But if you want to make your mark in this creative sector you need to be good.  Very good.  That means you need not just the creative vision, but also the technical know-how to tell your story. From shooting to editing to VFX, Yoobee will give you the most up-to-date tools to master your craft. Turn your vision into reality.  Study Filmmaking at Yoobee.

  • Full Time Course
  • 20 weeks NZQA Level 4

Certificate in Creative Media

Auckland / Wellington / Christchurch / Manukau / Rotorua

If you’re passionate about all things digital but you’re still wanting to work out which creative course will lead to your dream career, Yoobee’s Level 4 Certificate in Creative Media is the course for you!

This introductory course has been especially designed to give you a taste of every digital design discipline.  Over the course of 20 weeks, you’ll try your hand at graphic design, film-making, animation, and interactive design. You’ll be introduced to a range of industry-standard software and learn the fundamentals of photography, video creation and editing,  web development, character development, and even a little bit of coding

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  • Full Time Course
  • 40 weeks NZQA Level 5

Diploma in Digital Design – Animation and Film Production

Auckland / Wellington / Christchurch / Rotorua

You’ve got a vast imagination. You love film and TV. If you just had the tools and knowledge, who knows what incredible work you could do?

Yoobee’s Diploma in Digital Design – Animation and Film Production is your ticket in to the amazing world of film and animation. This trailblazing qualification is fun, practical, and packed with skills that you’ll use for the rest of your professional life. You’ll gain the ultimate foundation for a career in animation and film, plus you’ll graduate with a spectacular portfolio of work to showcase your undeniable talent. Now that is your door to higher-level study or an entry-level job. Go on. Open it! 

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  • Full Time Course
  • 40 weeks NZQA Level 6

Diploma in Screen Production

Auckland / Wellington / Christchurch

Immerse yourself in the full screen production process and create amazing video content! From pre-production (creating concepts for film and television projects) right through to production (the magic that happens when the camera rolls) and post-production (polishing and editing what you’ve captured on camera), the Diploma in Screen Production will give you the industry-relevant tools to create your own short film or passion project from scratch. 

Master the art of cinematography, sound capture, script writing and storyboarding. Learn how to direct, produce and edit. Build your skills in sound design, colour grading, composition and visual effects. 

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  • Short Course
  • 2 days Introductory

Premiere Pro Essentials

Pining to master Premiere Pro? Our 2 day short course will teach you how to capture footage, set up a timeline and gain an understanding of video formats, compression and importing audio. You’ll create transitions and export your finished edits to suit your desired delivery platform. You’ll need basic computer and file management skills, and be sure to bring a USB to save your work.
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  • Short Course
  • 2 Days Introductory

After Effects Essentials

After Effects is a powerful application used to create motion graphics and visual effects for film, video, broadcast graphics and music videos. This course will teach you how to create sophisticated motion graphics using text and object animation, compositing videos and images and adding audio effects. Cover basic animation of shapes and layers, working with keyframes, effects and layer options, 3D layers, cameras and rendering and colour grading and enhancing footage. The course will also teach you about track mattes and keying, motion tracking and stabilisation, time remapping, image sequences and playing with particles.
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Yoobee School of Design is one of the trading names for the registered PTE, Animation College NZ.  Your enrolment is with Animation College NZ and your qualification is issued by Animation College, which is a Category 1 provider, the highest rating a school can be awarded by the Government. When you study with Yoobee School of Design, your enrolment is with Animation College NZ.