AI & Machine Learning


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Explore how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies can be applied to human interactions online, in games and with robotics.

With the new tech options, you have the flexibility to pick and choose which classes you want to take. You can study the whole AI & Machine Learning programme and gain the maximum amount of credits, or you can choose which classes you want to take - it’s up to you!

What you'll learn

Intro to AI & Machine Learning - 5 Credits (2 days)

US 29795 – Apply ethical behaviour when using digital tools.

Learn how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are being used today and explore the implications of how they will affect our future.

Robot AI - 3 Credits (2 days)

US 5968 – Discuss the social implications of information technology.

Learn how to programme a robot to think for itself – you’ll code existing robots to interact with each other.

Facial Recognition - 2 Credits (2 days)

US 29791 – Capture and prepare digital media for integration into other applications.

Learn how machine learning can be used to train a computer to recognise different people and objects.

Game Enemy AI - 3 Credits (2 days)

US 9695 – Examine problem-solving models and explain associated techniques.

Learn how Artificial Intelligence is used in games – you’ll create a smart enemy for a game using Unity 3D.

Chatbot - 3 Credits (2 days)

US 12356 – Demonstrate knowledge of consumer problems and ways to resolve them.

Learn how AI can be used to create an interactive chatbot. You’ll tap into IBM’s Watson Assistant to customise a chatbot of your own.

A bit more information


Domestic & International Students: $400.00* (including GST) total course price.

Intro to AI & Machine Learning - $80.00
Robot AI - $80.00
Facial Recognition - $80.00
Game Enemy AI - $80.00
Chatbot - $80.00

*Fees subject to change. Yoobee Colleges reserves the right to modify the fees, scheduled time and course structure. To see more about other Terms and Conditions, please click here.

Entry Requirements

This programme is for Year 11,12 or 13 secondary students only. This course is open to individuals living or residing in New Zealand only, International Students must enrol directly via their high school. 

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