After Effects for Motion Graphics

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In this practical course, you will learn the fundamental skills necessary for producing inspiring and professional motion graphics using the industry-standard Adobe After Effects.

After being introduced to After Effects, you will learn about how to create dynamic infographics using the concepts of parenting, pre-composition, expressions and keyframed animation.

You will look at how you can integrate Adobe Illustrator artwork directly into your animations, use 2.5D techniques to give your work depth as well as getting into more advanced tools for tracking and working with green screen. 

Part-time Course   |   Mondays & Wednesdays   |   6:00–9:00pm

What you'll learn

  • An introduction to After Effects 
  • How to create keyframe animation & refine it using the graph editor 
  • Linking/parenting & pre-composing layers 
  • Creating infographics & utilising expression controls 
  • Animating with Puppet tools 
  • 2D tracking footage 
  • Using the roto brush 
  • Working with greenscreen
  • Using lights, cameras & working with layers in a 2.5D environment 


With all our short courses an interactive learning process replaces conventional teaching techniques, students will start seeing instant results as they put their new skills into practice. Classes are small and Yoobee Colleges is proud to offer a secure and technologically rich environment with modern buildings and facilities.

What you should know


You'll learn Adobe After Effects 


$750 (including GST) for Domestic & International Students


Entry Requirements

This is an introductory course so no prior experience is needed, although proficiency with computers is useful.

International students need to be at least 18 years old.

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Learn to make your scenes explode with motion graphics and visual effects powered by industry-standard software After Effects.

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