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    Jul 22 - Nov 22, 2019

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Today, computer networks power everything from banking, shopping and social media to the government and  military. The Diploma of Networking is your first step to a career in this exciting and fast-moving industry.

Start with a grounding in network architecture, covering network structures, functions, components and models, then move on to routing and switching essentials and scaling networks for large, complex applications. By the end of the course, you’ll have the skills to set up a computer network, and configure and secure the devices which drive our connected world.

Disconnect from the desk

This is a hands-on course using real equipment, setting you up to jump straight into a job. Networking is about working with people as well as machines, so you’ll team up with other students for practical assessments that test your team-working and troubleshooting skills.

On graduating, you’ll be ready to sit the internationally recognised CCNA Routing & Switching exam.

What you'll learn

Mobile Application Development 

Learn to develop simple mobile apps using C# or Java (Android).

Web Application Development 

Develop web apps using APS.NET, C#, MVC and web API.

Cloud Services 

Learn to integrate your applications with cloud services such as Microsoft Azure.

Practical Projects 

Develop a fully working project and upload to some cloud platforms, e.g. Azure.

What you should know


Microsoft Visual Studio 2017/2019, Android Studio, SQL Server Express, SQL Server Management Studio, Microsoft Azure Cloud and TFS


The specific hardware you will learn to use includes Cisco routers and switches.


Domestic students

$6,732 +$340 Student Services Levy

(Eligible for 'fees-free' study)

International students

$19,500 + $2,000 course fee

Entry Requirements

Certificate in Information Technology and Client Support or equivalent, or bachelor-level degree or equivalent, or industry experience

Once you have successfully completed this course, develop your skills further with the Diploma in Cloud Technology.

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