With every business these days going online and mobile, web development is becoming an increasingly alluring career path.  There’s a global shortage of talented programmers to create custom web applications - both client-side and server-side.  This, teamed with soaring demand, geographic flexibility and often eye-watering salaries, makes web development a shrewd career choice. Yoobee will equip you with the web programming, design and usability skills you need to blaze a trail in this rapidly changing industry. Want in?  Enrol now!

  • Full Time Course
  • 20 weeks NZQA Level 4

Certificate in Creative Media

Auckland / Wellington / Christchurch / Manukau / Rotorua

If you’re passionate about all things digital but you’re still wanting to work out which creative course will lead to your dream career, Yoobee’s Level 4 Certificate in Creative Media is the course for you!

This introductory course has been especially designed to give you a taste of every digital design discipline.  Over the course of 20 weeks, you’ll try your hand at graphic design, film-making, animation, and interactive design. You’ll be introduced to a range of industry-standard software and learn the fundamentals of photography, video creation and editing,  web development, character development, and even a little bit of coding

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  • Full Time Course
  • 40 weeks NZQA Level 5

Diploma in Digital Design – Web and Graphic Design

Auckland / Wellington / Christchurch

This programme is totally new. Designed to meet the latest industry demands, it provides an excellent starting point for students looking to study further in the fields of Graphic Design & Web Development.

Ever thought about how everything you see on a screen is really a bunch of zeroes and ones? Turning those into something beautiful and user-friendly is the craft of the designer. With this programme, you’ll take your first steps towards becoming one, learning how to use graphic design to produce websites, software, and user interfaces.

You’ll get a taste of all the major components of graphic design and web development over the exciting 40 weeks of the programme. You’ll be working on in-depth projects that will go into your portfolio, preparing you for further study or a great entry-level job.

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  • Full Time Course
  • 40 weeks NZQA Level 6

Diploma in Web and UX Design

Auckland / Wellington / Christchurch

The internet has revolutionised the way we communicate, shop, bank, play games and share information. The pace of change is skyrocketing – and so too is the demand for talented internet professionals. Everything you see in the vast online world is made possible by web developers. The Diploma in Web and UX Design will give you the practical skills you need to make your mark in this exciting industry.

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  • Short Course
  • 7 weeks Introductory

Web Design Training Package

Learn the technical skills to plan and build a website to an industry standard. The course includes front end design and development, HTML and CSS, design principles for web, troubleshooting, back end database management and integrating PHP and MySQL. You will learn forms to CSS drop downs, integrating jQuery and media queries. Beginners welcome, proficiency with computers required.
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  • Short Course
  • Self-paced Intermediate

HTML and CSS Beyond the Basics Online

Take your web design skills to a whole new level - learn to write HTML5 pages beyond the document type and design websites with CSS3 at ease and speed. You’ll learn to integrate HTML5 semantically through your web pages and generate well formatted CSS with SASS, a popular CSS pre-processor. This course covers how to create wireframes in Photoshop, work with layouts, and use CSS drop-down menus and forms. You’ll also learn about creating SEO-friendly buttons and progressive enhancements and mobile layouts. You need to have a basic level of HTML, CSS and web standards, and we also recommend you complete the Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3 course first. Learning Outcomes: 1. Create a website wireframe 2. Understand CSS positioning 3. Use CSS to customise web typography 4. Create a fluid/liquid layout 5. Use CSS to create dropdown menus and Forms 6. Understand and implement Search Engine Optimised web buttons 7. Create a responsive web design for Mobile web pages
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  • Short Course
  • Self-paced Introductory

Introduction to HTML and CSS3 online

Want to create your own website? Or even just update your existing one? This course will give you the skills you need to get the job done. Learn how to create a basic website using HTML5 & CSS3. We’ll teach you how to create your own HTML document using plain text editor, format text, set up pictures and links using HTML, and add style using CSS documents. You’ll also cover how to add custom colour and text, extra pages, outgoing links and multimedia to a website. Learn at your own pace, with plenty of support through our online forums. You’ll need to have basic computer skills on a PC or MAC and access to a browser and text-editing program such as Notepad, TextEdit, or Komodo (Free). Learning Outcomes: 1. Create a basic webpage 2. How to use HTML codes to format text 3. Create links to multiple html files and external webpages 4. How to use CSS to change colours and background images 5. Understand the Box Model principals 6. Create a webpage with embedded audio and video 7. Create consistent and clear navigation items 8. Use different tags to create a basic webpage layout 9. Build your own website with multiple pages and images with visual consistencies
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