Is there any entry requirement?

We want to make enrolment as easy as possible for you. So unless you see a qualification or experience requested in a course description, our courses are open to everyone.

How do I apply?

It's easy! Just enrol online through the course page. But remember... short courses are open to anyone, and with entry on a first come first served basis it pays to get in quick.

Do I need to have attended a previous course?

For most of our courses the answer is no. We want to keep the door open for anyone. But some of our advanced courses may need experience or a qualification from another course, so make sure you check out the course description just in case.

Can I get a student loan or Fees Free to pay for the short course tuition?

Unfortunately this is a no... because short courses are non-credit courses, they don't get Government funding like a student loan or even Fees Free. Sorry!

Can I get a student visa when enrolling in a short course?

Oops - another no. We love our international students and are proud of out global Yoobee community. International students can sign up to any of our courses, but need to already have a valid visa. Unfortunately, our courses aren't eligible themselves for student visas.

Where is the course?

All of our courses are held at on our campuses. We've got creative technical and design hubs right across the country so there's guaranteed to be a location near you. Needs links to maps of all campuses

Do you offer online courses?

Yes, we do:

Can I get an extra class to catch up on the one I missed?

Unfortunately our courses are all group classes, and run to set schedules. So if you do miss a session our tutors won't be able to catch you up.

Can I borrow equipment from Yoobee to work at home between classes?

Our equipment is state of the art and some of the best around. We need to keep it onsite for our other students, and so though you're free to use it during course hours it can't be taken home afterwards.

I don't have a digital camera, can Yoobee provide one so I can attend the Digital Photography class?

No, you will need to bring a digital camera with an interchangeable lens (DSLR)

Where/when can I have lunch/dinner and tea breaks?

We like to work this out as a group - our courses don't have set timings during the day and so your tutor will talk to you at your first session to agree what breaks work for everyone.

What do I need to bring with me to my course?

OK - definitely a USB memory stick. We want you to take any completed work home so you can show the family. Other courses may have other requirements - just check out the course description to be sure.

How big are your classes?

There's no one size fits all... it really does vary from course to course and campus to campus. Generally speaking, you can assume five to ten other students will join you. If you want more details you can check in with any of our campus co-ordinators and they'll let know course capacities.

Where is the campus located? Where do I park?

We'll send you your campus and course details along with a map when you enrol. The map will show you parking options. If you click on our Contact Us page, you'll also find campus maps there.

Who can attend the short courses?

Unless the course description says otherwise, anyone 18 or over can join us.

Is it full time studies? And How long is the course?

Short courses run for one or two days, or can spread over seven weeks (two nights per week). If you're attending in the evening then the classes run from 6PM through 9PM.

Do I get a certificate or a diploma or credits at the end of the course?

Absolutely! Everyone who completes a short course gets a certificate of completion. Our short courses don't carry associated credits. If that's what you're after, check out our fulltime diploma courses.

Can WINZ pay for my course?

It depends. The best way to check this is to talk to your WINZ agent.

Can my employer pay for my course?

Sure thing. If your employer is up for it, just let us know and we can arrange to invoice them direct. You'll find an option in the enrolment form for this. And if you need help or want a customised booking, you can contact one of our coordinators. They can help sort your booking and payment.

What are the prerequisites to enrolling in a course, if any?

Our courses ask for basic computer knowledge. And that's on either PC or Mac. If there's anything trickier than that you'll find it in the course description.

What payment methods do you accept?

All the usuals... credit card payments can be made with Paypal if you enrol online. If you come into reception, we can take a bank transfer, eftpos or cash. If you give us a call we can also take a credit card over the phone. And remember, if your employer is paying for the course, we can always invoice them direct.

Are the fees the same for International students?

Yep - the rates for all Short, STAR & Holiday courses are exactly the same whether you're from a domestic or international student.

What is the deadline to enrol in a course?

As long as we've still got space you can enrol right up to the day before a course starts. The Training Services Coordinator at your local campus can get you up to speed on what spaces are available.

When will I be notified if the course is cancelled - what happens then?

If we do have to cancel a course we'll let you know as soon as we can. You'll always get at least two days notice before a course is due to start, but of course if we can we'll let you know earlier. And we can either get a refund for you or just book you into the next scheduled course - whatever works for you.

Are these courses the same in each campus?

Absolutely. There'll be a bit of variance depending on individual tutor interests, but the core elements of the course are the same in each campus.

What level are these courses aimed at?

Most of our courses are aimed at beginners. Unless we call it out in the course description (or in the title - like Advanced Photoshop) you can rock up with no prior knowledge in the subject and you'll be fine.

Can I bring my own laptop/device to this programme?

Our Short Course lab is fully kitted out with everything you'll need. We run Macs with all the programmes and files you'll need. If you've already got a computer carrying the software you need, then you can use your own. Just let the Training Services Coordinator know before the course starts and they'll give your tutor a heads up. And... remember to make sure your software's working before the course starts!! You don't want to find out there's a problem the day you start.

Do I bring my files or what I am working on?

Not unless you really want to. if you do, just give your Training Services Co-ordinator a heads up so we can work it out with your tutor.

Can I suggest a course that I’d love to do but it doesn't look like Yoobee offer it?

You bet! We always want to hear from you about learning. Get in touch with a Short Course Coordinator to see if we can make it happen.

Do you do one-on-one sessions for customised training or special needs learning?

There's no one size fits all... it really does vary from course to course and campus to campus. Generally speaking, you can assume five to ten other students will join you. If you want more details you can check in with any of our campus Co-ordinators and they'll lket know course capacities.

Who can attend the Holiday programmes?

Any student enrolled in Years 9-13 can join us. There are a couple of exceptions - just check the course description to be certain.

Are there any unit or achievement standards associated with these courses?

Unfortunately not... check out the Holiday booklet for examples of relevant standards. by the time you get back to school after a Holiday programme we'll have given you the skills to support these standards.

Do you provide transport?

Sorry but no can do... you or your caregivers need to sort your transport to and from courses.

What is the procedure to withdraw from a course?

Let us know as soon as you can - flick your Training Course Co-ordinator an email and we'll let you know the best options. We can transfer you to another course if you'd like, or arrange a refund if you've already paid your fees.

If I am coming from out of town, what accommodation is recommended?

Sorry team but that's over to you... we don't offer student accommodation so you'll need to sort that yourself or with your caregiver.

Can schools pay for these classes with STAR funding?

Talk to your school. They can certainly cover the cost of a Holiday Programme if it works out their end.

Can schools send their pupils along?

You bet. We'd love to host your students and help them discover their passion for design. Talk to a Training Course Co-ordinator and we can help you work through our programmes.

Who is responsible for my child while they are there?

Yoobee take care of our students while they are on our campus premises. We take a roll at the start of each class and if there are absences we contact the school right away. Any leave passes need to be arranged direct with the school's teachers BEFORE a class commences. But it's important to note - if a student chooses to leave one of our campuses, we can't be responsible for their welfare anymore.

What level are holiday programmes aimed at? Will my 13 year old be able to cope?

Our Holiday programmes deliver a good foundational knowledge. If any course needs prior subject knowledge, we'll call that out in the Holiday booklet. If you've got any doubt about suitability, chat to a Co-ordinator and they can sort out your query.

What computers do you use?

Mostly Macs. Our labs are set up with Macs and the software needed for each course. In some cases we may use PCs, but usually that's only if we are dealing with PC specific software. And if one of our tutors is coming to your school, then we'll use whatever is available in your classrooms.

Do you visit schools?

Absolutely. We can run any of our workshops in your school, and love to bring design education to students in their own environment.Chat to a Co-ordinator to learn more.

What happens if the school doesn't have enough to fill a class - what options are there?

Try an Open Star Course. They're ideal for smaller class sizes with no minimum number required. Check out the planned courses to see when the next one is on. Otherwise, enrol in the School Holiday Programme, which we run with some smaller schools. Again, a Co-ordinator can help run the options down with you.

What is the procedure to cancel or change your STAR booking?

Contact your cooordinator as soon as possible if you need to make any changes to your booking. Dates are often limited but we'll do our best to to accommodate any changes.

Is lunch provided?

Sadly not. We've got common rooms in all campuses, these are great places to hang out and eat lunch. If your student wants to go offsite for lunch, you need to let us know in advance - chat to a Co-ordinator and they can also recommend a few good local options.

Who teaches the programmes?

The best! We're really proud of our teaching staff, they bring a wealth of experience and industry knowledge to their roles and are driven to enthuse their students in their subjects.

If I am wanting a tutor to come out to a school, what are the extra costs involved with this and the procedure?

There may be some additional costs, usually associated with travel expenses. Speak to a Co-ordinator and they can go through this when you book.

Do students need to bring files of projects they are working on?

Normally all the files that the students you need will be provided for you. Not unless you really want to. Talk to a Co-ordinator if you want to bring your own - they can liaise with your tutor to change the lesson planning in advance.

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