At ACG Yoobee we believe first class design education starts in secondary school. For over a decade we’ve been collaborating with high schools and parents all over New Zealand, to offer an exciting range of trailblazing design courses especially for teens.


Our Online Campus has heaps of great courses, covering all the fundamentals of digital design. Enrolled students work at their own pace from their own classroom.


ACG Yoobee is a Ministry of Education authorised provider. That means you can allocate STAR funding to our courses. Even our online courses! To find out more, contact us today.

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Photoshop Essentials

Take a sneak peek into the exciting world of Photoshop. Create your own images and enhance your designs using simple editing tools and image manipulation techniques. You’ll learn how to manage layers, make selections, create digital illustrations, manipulate photos, and apply effects and output files for your design purposes. You don’t need experience, but proficiency with computers is a must.

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After Effects Essentials

After Effects is a powerful application used to create motion graphics and visual effects for film, video, broadcast graphics and music videos. This course will teach you how to create sophisticated motion graphics using text and object animation, compositing videos and images and adding audio effects. Cover basic animation of shapes and layers, working with keyframes, effects and layer options, 3D layers, cameras and rendering and colour grading and enhancing footage. The course will also teach you about track mattes and keying, motion tracking and stabilisation, time remapping, image sequences and playing with particles.

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Graphic Design Training Package

In this comprehensive introduction to Graphic Design course you will learn skills in Abobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Acrobat. You will create your first ideas on paper and learn the principles of design required to take the ideas into final digital concepts, making ready for print, web and multimedia. You will explore typography, type, colour and image, page layout, hierarchy, brand and historical design contexts. You will get to take home your printed work. Take the next step and realise your visual ideas.

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Web Essentials

This bite-sized course will show you how to create a basic website using HTML5 & CSS3. You’ll learn how to create your own HTML document using plain text editor, format text, set up pictures and links using HTML, and add style using CSS documents. We’ll also teach you how to add custom colour and text, extra pages, outgoing links and multimedia to a website. Plus plenty of other tips and tricks to future proof your website. You’ll need basic computer skills on a PC or MAC, and access to a browser and text-editing program (notepad, textedit etc.)

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InDesign Essentials

Learn the key layout principles of graphic design and use basic techniques to create single-page and multi-page documents using this industry standard desktop publishing program. You’ll cover text formatting, styles, tables, basic drawing and effects

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Illustrator Essentials

Get up and running with Adobe Illustrator, the industry standard software for creating vector art. Learn how to create illustrations, diagrams, logos, advertisements and single page layouts with text and graphics using drawing, painting and text manipulation Illustrator tools.

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Premiere Pro Essentials

Pining to master Premiere Pro? Our 2 day short course will teach you how to capture footage, set up a timeline and gain an understanding of video formats, compression and importing audio. You’ll create transitions and export your finished edits to suit your desired delivery platform. You’ll need basic computer and file management skills, and be sure to bring a USB to save your work.

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Mailchimp Essentials

MailChimp is the most popular and market-leading e-mail software solution - and it's free for up to 2000 subscribers. This course shows you how to create professional e-mail newsletters as part of an effective online marketing plan for your business. Understand how to create an effective e-mail marketing campaign, and use MailChimp as the carrier. Design brand focused layouts that have a visual impact, and simple reporting that helps you to develop targeted online strategies. During this course we will cover: • The basics of creating an effective e-mail campaign • Creating a strategy for campaigns • Understanding the MailChimp dashboard • Creating and managing a mailing list • Compiling effective content for your newsletter • Adding the all important ‘call to action’ • Scheduling delivery of your e-mail campaign • Analysing MailChimp reports

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Social Media Marketing

This two day course provides an excellent overview of how the main social media sites can work strategically and cohesively to formulate effective online marketing campaigns. The material is tailored to suit all levels of social media knowledge and every industry. You will learn the strengths and weaknesses of the major social media platforms and tips and tricks for identifying, targeting and converting your audience. Following this course your will understand how to market your business online – and you’ll be shown real and practical ways of doing so. During this course we will cover: • An introduction to Social Media channels in general • The major channels – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and others • The ground rules; the major do’s and don’t about social media in business • How to do – the specifics on all major platforms • Essential third party tools and applications • Legalities and etiquette in social media Discussion topics: • Finding your audience on different platforms • Targeting your audience on different platforms • Tips, tricks and expert insights on different platforms • Your sector and niche channels Social media is an essential tool in your online marketing plan. Understanding the major platforms and the ability to create a cohesive marketing strategy will provide you with a cost-effective method of communicating directly with your customers and converting sales. No online marketing plan is complete without social media as one of the building blocks.

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Web Design Training Package

Learn the technical skills to plan and build a website to an industry standard. The course includes front end design and development, HTML and CSS, design principles for web, troubleshooting, back end database management and integrating PHP and MySQL. You will learn forms to CSS drop downs, integrating jQuery and media queries. Beginners welcome, proficiency with computers required.

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Digital Marketing

An interactive course that delivers insight into the fundamentals of website marketing, removing the jargon and identifying the leading digital channels for reaching your audience. A fundamental part of developing an online marketing plan for your business. You will obtain an understanding of the main methods of online marketing including SEO, social media, content marketing and PPC. You will also consider the value of marketing tools such as analytics, mobile and video and how to implement these to create successful online marketing campaigns. During this course we will cover: • The role of digital marketing and its impact • Defining digital objectives • The digital lifecycle • Changing consumer behaviours • Digital marketing funnels • Determining targeting strategies • Building relationships and engaging consumers • Content marketing planning and strategy • Conducting topic research • Creating engaging content • Social media; objectives, channels and marketing techniques • The search marketing landscape • Building an SEO strategy • Ranking factors • Building organic search success Digital marketing is a necessity to building a business in today’s online world. Developing an understanding of the principles and key tools available is the keystone upon which you can support your business growth. With so many consumers using digital methods to research any business prior to engagement, a persuasive and compelling online marketing strategy is a must.

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