Auckland Yoobee Industry Week

Industry week kicks off this week at our Auckland Yoobee campus over three days, with seven events, twenty speakers covering five disciplines. Our central theme is around our students, and helping them to clarify their thinking about job seeking and the industry they plan to work in.

Unique opportunity for Yoobee students

This week the Web and UX Design classes at the Yoobee Christchurch campus had the privilege of attending a presentation made by Webtools Portfolio Health Manager, Harry Hawke, and Project Manager, Amanda Cockroft. Webtools are based in Christchurch, Melbourne and London and create bespoke software solutions for the energy, transport and health sectors.

New CEO appointment across Creative and IT Colleges for New Education Group

ACG Education Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Ana Maria Rivera as Chief Executive Officer of the Creative and IT colleges across its vocational and higher learning division – New Education Group, which includes Yoobee School of Design, Animation College, AMES – the Institute of IT, and South Seas Film & Television School.