Yoobee Excellence Award Winners

It is our pleasure to announce the winners of the Yoobee Excellence Awards for 2012. These awards recognise our top students and enable us to showcase their work.

The awards are judged by a panel of industry specialists and sponsored by our industry partners. A huge thank you for all their contribution.

Ruth Cobb (Print NZ), Dan Lynch (Filmmaker/Director), Fergus Jack Hinton (Park Road Post), James Doyle and Simon Baker, Patrick Howard (The Webco), Melissa Fenwick (Hairy Lemon).

The standard was extremely high this year. Congratulations to all our winners!.

Print NZ’s Part of Life Excellence Award 2012

Linda Munt of Auckland, Computer Graphic Design, for her children's book – Clyde’s Wonderful Surprise.

Linda’s mock-up and attention to detail was excellent. There was interest and variety in each spread and wonderfully handled night scenes—darkness, shadows and glow behind stained glass window. The characters had movement and a large variety of poses. The style is consistent and thoughtfully handled throughout, with a professional finish.

Motion Individual Excellence Award

Heather O’Leary of Christchurch, Digital Filmmaking, for her documentary – Road to Ruin.

Road to Ruin was an ambitious film, however it was well made, well edited and well shot with great audio.  There was never an absolute silent moment. The production value was extremely high throughout the entire 22min film, with a few minor tweaks this could be on television!.

The Webco Interactive Excellence Award

Julian Lye of Wellington, Web Development, for his website for Coley Garratt.

Julian displayed good technical ability in the site built for Coley Garratt.  It demonstrated a wide range of skills – from both a front end and back end perspective.  The functionality in which Julian was able to 'Add a Gig' and use google maps to show the location of the gig was particularly impressive.  Accessibility issues were well considered and helpfully displayed in the footer. This was a very well rounded site, which showed a wide range of abilities.

Group Excellence Award

Awarded to the animation Turf War, Christchurch Animation Advanced, Head Producer Rory Murdoch.

The character and weapon design was interesting and well done.  Great story ideas and resolution.

Hairy Lemon Supreme Individual Excellence Award

The finalists are Linda Munt, Heather O’Leary and Julian Lye.  Winner to be announced next week…