V48HOURS is a filmmaking competition that just has to be experienced.

Yoobee@Natcoll tutor Alex Perkins has a long history with this crazy weekend..."My involvement with the 48 Hours Film competition began in 2004 even before it became a super crazy nationwide competition. I competed with a team of friends in Wellington under the name 'Traces of Nut' and shot/edited the film 'The Flatmate Tree' which made it into the finals. Taika Waititi (of Boy fame) won the Wellington competition that year with a crazy little film called 'Heinous Crime' - I will never forget the laughter he received from the audience or the enormity of the cardboard cheque he carried away as winner. It was awesome."

The following year Alex competed in Christchurch. This time with a different team running under the name 'Evil Genius Labs'. They made a film called 'Bruised Gold'. The film won the Christchurch regionals and came runner up at the Nationals. "It was the first year Peter Jackson became involved with the 48 so it was a massive deal to know he would be watching your film as a finalist." Alex also made 'Soft Boiled Love Story' in the same year with his wife. They still hold that unique record; making 2 films in one year over the 48 hours that both made it into the finals.

Since 2006 Alex has actively helped out on the organisational side of the competition and in recent years has been a judge. Alex says "This competition is, in a word, awesome. Fame and/or glory and/or a teaching position await all those that dare to enter".

Film Making students from Yoobee@Natcoll Design School in Christchurch and Wellington have teams entered and are preparing for the weekend of craziness.

2012 marks the tenth anniversary of the 48 Hour Film Festival.  The two-day film-making sprint challenge provides all participants with a genre, a character, a prop and a line of dialogue, all of which must appear in each finished film. The movie-makers have just two days to write, shoot and edit the whole thing.  It’s a test of endurance, creativity, flexibility, teamwork, and maybe even your sanity.  Yet every year teams are back, ready to do it all again.

Yoobee@Natcoll’s Wellington team is made up entirely out of students.  The heat was already on as they had less than 2 minutes to come up with a team name on the last day of registration.  Several team members quickly jumped online and found a random team name generator, the best of which generated the name “Organized Anarchy”, which seemed pretty fitting to the occasion.

Sebastain Blair producer says "With less than a month to go until shoot weekend we are desperately trying to source actors, locations, costumes and props, which is proving to be a difficult task considering the elements (genre, character, prop, line of dialogue) aren’t drawn until the Friday night of the festival.  We are also starting to think of rough story ideas, we need to practice getting our minds thinking more creatively and more quickly. During the festival we will only have 48 hours to get the story, script and storyboards completed, so every second counts".

Is Organized Anarchy in it to win? As with any competition that is the case. Is it achievable? Who knows, but mostly it’s a chance for them to spend a weekend doing what they love and having a bit of fun.

The Cutting Crew, also made up completely of students, is a dynamic team of slices-and-dices, hailing from the walls ofYoobee@Natcoll, Christchurch. Laurie Gebbie, producer says "film is our passion, and as it hasn't driven us crazy yet, we figure 48 hours is a sure fire way to send us to our various corners to rock ourselves sane. There may be tears, there may be blood, there shall be mad chops…"

So enter if you dare. You may even end up with the highly coveted 'Apee' (NZs equivalent of the Oscar) which were all hand crafted by a little studio called WETA. At the very least competing in the 48 will ensure that you have a great deal of fun, learn plenty about working in a team and get very tired.