Starting off in the animation industry

Have you ever wanted to create animations like the ones created by Pixar or Dreamworks but not sure where to start? Bringing your creative characters to life on screen can be an incredibly rewarding experience, as well as a lot of fun. One of the major barriers to this is that people are often unaware of where to start and how to use the software (or even what software to use!) At Yoobee School of Design we’ve made it easy for people to start their creative journey in the world of animation.

Where to start To start creating animations, first you are going to need the right software. Before you fork out your hard earned cash on buying the entire suite, why not download a trial? The industry-standard software, Autodesk Maya, is available as a one-month free trial that can be downloaded from the Autodesk site. This will get you working on industry software at zero cost to you. What next?Hold your horses, don’t go and download the program just yet. Remember, you’ve got a month up your sleeve to learn and start using the program. You could open it up and start bashing around in there but to make good use of your time, you’re going to want someone to instruct you on the basics. So, where can I learn how to use 3D animation software? Thankfully we’ve made quality animation education available online. Our Introduction to 3D Character Animation course gives you 4 weeks of online, live, face-to-face learning. The course will guide you through the basics of animation, such as how to use the software, loading a rig and posing a character to show mood or emotion. This truly unique classroom environment allows interaction with other classmates from New Zealand and the World in our twice weekly, “live classroom sessions.” Free taster sessions for our online coursesare available now so you can get started in your career in animation today! For more animation inspiration check out some of our student work on YouTube.