Yoobee Graduates excel at Beijing Film Academy Animation Awards

Graduate students Linda Ling and Karl Davis have been awarded excellence awards in the recent 13th Animation Academy Awards at the Beijing Film Academy. The awards, which have been running since 2001, feature up and coming filmmakers with a focus on animation. The Animation Academy Awards acknowledge excellence in animated films through work submitted by the students from all around the world. Entry requirements specified that students must include a completed short film, three screen shots, one poster for their film and a 15 second trailer.

Speaking about winning the award, former international student Linda Ling said, “It's a surprise for me. Thanks to all the people who helped me!.” Linda’s film, entitled “Star” is an animated film about a Bear who falls in love with a star, which he can only see at night. Originally from China, Linda’s recognition in Beijing has instilled further confidence both in her own abilities and the skills that she learnt at Yoobee School of Design. Karl’s video, entitled “Couch Potato” was also granted excellence and were centered around real life events, with a humorous twist. Karl studied at Yoobee School of Design for two years completing the Diploma of Digital Animation and Video and the Diploma of Animation (advanced), with distinction. Linda and Karl, we congratulate you both on your awards and are very pleased to see our graduates cracking into the Chinese film industry!