Celebrating Student Success on the Wellington Campus

Our Wellington Campus welcomed back two of our 2012 Graduates recently to present their pathway to success to the current Diploma in Digital Media Advanced class. Both Todd Hammington & Karen Ujihashi completed this Diploma in 2012 and now work with Reward Junkie in Wellington as Graphic Designers working with a team of developers.  

Tania Hannah (HOD Digital Media) was very impressed with their presentation and the high caliber of their design work stating “Only 6 months after graduating with us they spoke professionally and with confidence”. They spoke to the current class about their roles at Reward Junkie and presented design work they have been producing. In completing Yoobee’s Diploma in Digital Media (Advanced) both Todd and Karen felt the skills they had developed through the programme contributed to their success. “I generated a good process for my creative work and honed in on my own style," Todd said. "All graduates came out with a high level of technical skill and well polished styles of their own as well as an employable portfolio to present” Karen added, “I gained all the technical skills I needed to be a Graphic Designer, especially the pre-press knowledge. The technical information is all up to date and suits the current industry standard.”