Getting ready to roll...48 hours of film

Ready to roll for the ...'Rialto Channel 48 Hours Film Competition'

Are you ready for the 48HOURS Film Competition this weekend? I know all our teams at Yoobee School of Design are ready to get creative!

There will be teams entered in the fest from all three of our campuses; Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch. We will be competing against pros, amateurs & creative school kids.

We will be able to watch all the action unfold over the next couple of days. We want to capture all the excitement, the creativity, the highs and the lows of the competition so Mark Kaneko will be instagraming over the next couple of days, in Auckland.  He will be part of the ‘Yoyo’ of luck!

Using the newly acquired Avid Media Composer as our primary editing software (which our DFM classes will be moving to in the coming months) will put our teams in good stead for the competition. Software will be crucial. Also Premiere Pro will be used, along with After Effects for motion graphics and Photoshop for matte painting. A splash of Illustrator too, for creating any logo designs.

What video editing software will you be using? Brush up on your editing skills with Yoobee Publishing’s range of video production guides. Check out our learning resources.

Watch this space for the results! All the best Yoobee teams...