5 top tips to land that dream job

Summertime conjures up all kinds of ideas: sunshine, holidays, and Christmas; but for many of us, summertime is also the season for job-hunting.

Creative industries are notoriously competitive. Whether you are finishing a Filmmaking, Animation, Graphic Design, Web Development or Digital Media diploma, getting your dream job, or landing your dream contract, comes down to more than just a great portfolio. It’s also about selling yourself in a job interview.

Even though job interviews can be nerve-wracking, they can also be the easiest way of showcasing your talents, professionalism and personality. While job interviews can sometimes feel like an interrogation, they provide an opportunity to get a real feel for a company and see if you would like to work for them.

In order to give yourself the best chance at a job interview, here are five tips to put your best foot forward and land that dream job:

1) Be on time.

Check bus routes and times, ensure you have money for parking and make sure you have practiced the route if you are driving.

2) Dress well.

Do some research on the company so your dress sense is style-appropriate. Walk in with a good posture and a smile. Remember: fidgeting shows nervousness.

3) Be prepared.

Do some research - what do they do and who are their clients? Show you have done your homework and that you are capable of adding to that body of work. If you need to use technology, make sure you have everything you need, (for example, an internet connection).

4) Take your time.

Don't jump in and answer questions like a race horse. Pausing to think shows that you are reflective and confident. When asked about money, give a range not a figure. Also be aware that as a graduate, opportunity and career-progression is more important than money!

5) Be honest.

Try and turn your weakness into a positive. Don't say things like: "I'm messy" or "lazy" or "miss deadlines." Rather say something like: "I don't have much experience with this ... but I am hardworking and willing to learn." And remember: don't be afraid to show your personality.

For more information about job applications, interviews or preparing your CV, drop into one of our campuses or get in touch with one of our Student Employment Co-ordinators: Michelle Jordan- Auckland, Serena Marston - Wellington,  or Melanie Sinclair - Christchurch.