Yoobee School of Design tutor attends 2013 HOW Design Live Conference

Earlier this year Mike Williams, Yoobee Graphic Design tutor, had the opportunity to attend an international design conference of his choice. Top of the list for Mike was the HOW Design LiveConference, one of North America’s most popular events for design professionals and enthusiasts alike.

This year, the five-day conference was held in San Francisco and focused on issues such as creative story telling, how to strike a work-life balance and personal branding, particularly for design professionals. Over the course of the conference, Mike was able to sit-in on workshops and seminars by industry leaders such asJessica WalshAustin Kleon and Alina Wheeler.

Structured in a similar way to Semi Permanent, HOW was attended by freelance designers, students, agencies, tutors and design-lovers alike, offering a great environment for networking and personal development.

As a tutor at Yoobee School of Design’s Christchurch Campus, Mike’s time at the conference instilled further confidence that Yoobee School of Design’s curriculum stacks up to that taught in the international design community. While HOW offered a wide range of topics, relevant for designers in a number of different disciplines, Mike left San Francisco with the distinct impression that Yoobee students are being taught content that is both relevant to the industry and on par with the rest of the design world.

As Kiwi designers increasingly work flexible hours, and across time zones, it is more possible than ever for New Zealand designers to find work on the global scale. One of the biggest differences that Mike noted between NZ and US design industries was the Kiwi attitude to do “a bit of everything.” American designers, on the other hand, tend to specialize and become known for their niche. For New Zealand designers, it is important that their work is focused towards a particular area of expertise and to hone those skills to the best of their ability.

By attending the conference Mike was able to see, first hand, how New Zealand’s design industry compares on the international stage and he was able to make some important connections within the design community. As a tutor, he came back enthusiastic about the knowledge he gained and reassured that Yoobee School of Design is preparing graduates with the necessary skills to make it in the industry.

Here at Yoobee School of Design, we offer the Diploma in Computer Graphic Design at all three of our campuses - Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Over the course of the diploma, students will build skills using software such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Acrobat. With a particular focus on pre-press and problem solving, graduates of Computer Graphic Design have found work in publishing, design agencies and printing as a result. For more information on the Diploma of Computer Graphic Design and pathways into Digital Media (Advanced), visit our website.