Yoobee Social Media Workshops in great demand

Yoobee School of Design has been working with it's regional International marketing groups - Study AucklandGrow Wellingtonand Christchurch Educated to provide FREE social media workshops for their members. The first workshop was in Christchurch in May. Lewis Bostock, Yoobee's social media tutor, is showing the international community how to create a social media policy, how to manage reputation, write content and measure the return on investment.  He has been introducing them to many different platforms and guiding them on what to use when. ie.  Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, Vine, Pinterest etc. Participants are then able to develop a social media strategy relevant to their organisations. Study Auckland ran a workshop in October, and two additional workshops are scheduled in November for Study Auckland and Grow Wellington members .  Lewis Bostock was one of the key note speakers in Study Auckland's conference in August, and has been invited to be on the panel for Social Media workshop at the upcoming Education New Zealand Conference in November.

Feedback on the workshops have been well received: "It was a great workshop.  Lewis knows his stuff and delivered the material really well." - Hannah Robinson, Digital Marketing & Online Strategy Manager, Languages International "The course was fantastic. I have been thinking for sometime how to use social media in a way that makes sense to my marketing strategy, and to the Principal and the Board. The work we did with Lewis REALLY helped.  I was able to review what I'm doing now, and look at what I need to do in the future. I got some great ideas about how to use Social Media in different ways. Lewis had a great presentation style. He broke things down into understandable chunks and used great visuals.  Now I don't feel so overwhelmed by social media."  - Rhonda Brodie – International Student Manager, Burnside High School