iMac computers, a generous gift for Mangere Central School

Yoobee School of Design donated 15 iMac computers to Mangere Central School as part of its strategy to improve education outcomes for Maori and Pasifika students. Mangere Central School, which caters for years 0 – 8, is a decile 2 school with a high number of Maori and Pasifika students. This was part of the reason that Yoobee School of Design chose Mangere Central for this particular gift. “One of Yoobee School of Design’s key strategies is to focus our training and education on improving outcomes for Maori and Pasifika students,” says CEO, Ruth Cooper. But it was more than just about choosing a school that would benefit from the gift, she says. “I discovered Mangere Central has a genuine culture of supporting students, and a real focus on innovation and using technology in learning. Many Mangere school students do not have access to computers at home, adding more pressure for quality IT access at school.”

Maria Heron, Principal of Mangere Central School says that she and her students are “absolutely, positively delighted” with 15 iMac computers Yoobee School of Design recently gifted to the school. “This was a very generous and useful gift. These computers are powerful enough to meet our school’s needs allowing for blogging, online homework, Skype and learning programmes such as Mathletics and Smart Writer. The iMacs will be particularly useful for the students from years 3-6 says Maria, as the incorporation of the computer’s processor in the screen makes it incredibly space-friendly and the large display screen allows the students to work collaboratively. The children are particularly happy with their new gift, as Ruth found out when she visited the school. “Maria organised a group of students to come and meet with me; they were so thrilled and grateful – it was like it was Christmas!” “'I can use it for all my Maths, games and looking at history about Sir Edmund Hillary,” Elijah from Year 5 told Ruth. Nuhaka, also in Year 5, said “It's cool to have some more computers and more people can use them around school.” And keen blogger Dalwyn from Year 6 said, “It's good for us to go on the Ultranet for blogging.” Maria says she would like to thank Yoobee School of Design for thinking of them when it came to choosing a school to receive this gift. But Ruth is in no doubt that they made a great choice gifting the iMacs to Mangere Central.  “It’s an absolutely beautiful school; and everything was focused on the learning and wellbeing of the students.”