Web graduates in high demand for well paid jobs

Yoobee School of Design’s Diploma of Web Development graduates are in high demand in industry. Many are offered jobs before they complete the course, and almost all graduates get a job or go on to further study. But that's not the only good news.  A recent Ministry of Education study showed that Yoobee Web Development graduates earn more than other Creative Arts and IT diploma graduates. So what is Web development all about, and is it the career for you?

The online world reaches into every facet of our lives, and we don't just access it from a computer anymore. We listen to music, play games, do our banking and keep in touch with friends and family on our mobile phones. We watch the Internet on our TV, read books on our tablets and have photo frames displaying online galleries.  Who makes it all happen? Web Developers. Nick Sheffield, Yoobee Web Development tutor says, "You need to be logical thinker and enjoy problem solving.  If you're good at Maths and have some experience with programming or scripting language then this could be for you". In Yoobee's Diploma in Web Development you learn:

  • XHTML, HTML5, CSS, XML, JavaScript, MySQL and PHP
  • Back end and front end development
  • Mobile Web Applications
  • Online Forms
  • Shopping Carts
  • Databases

By encouraging creativity and teaching the essentials of web programming and design, this course will set you on the path to a brilliant career in online media. You'll finish with a comprehensive knowledge base and an online portfolio to showcase your new skills. Zane Goodwin Yoobee Web Development graduate has just started a new job as a developer for MyHR an online HR Services company.  Zane says, “Things are going insanely well. I’m earning a good salary and learning lots more new things.  The skills I learned at Yoobee have got me where I am today. When I think back to gardening in Sydney, living week-to-week, I can honestly say I never thought I would be here today. I must admit I got a lot more surfing in back then though”. Enquire now about the Diploma of Web Development for 2014.