From student to Chief Illustrator in 1 year!

AN INTERVIEW WITH EX YOOBEE STUDENT ADAM FIELDS What year/s did you attend Yoobee School of Design and what courses did you complete/pass? I studied at Yoobee from 2011 to 2012, Natcoll Design Technology at the time, doing the Computer Graphic Design for Print Diploma. Why did you choose to study at Yoobee? I has a strong desire to get a job with a creative industry, graphic design & illustration being my focus. Yoobee gave me the opportunity to really hone my creative skills, and learn about standards within the design industry.

What were some of the highlights during you time here, and why would you recommend Yoobee School of Design to others? The foundation of design skills that the course gave me were really great and I continue to use those skills & best practices that Yoobee taught me on a daily basis but the real stand-out was being able to use that foundation as a platform to really develop my overall creative skill set. From day one my outstanding tutors told me you get what you put into the course so I went out of my way to push the boundaries of my assignments so as to get the best possible results and in the end it paid off as I went straight into an amazing job at the end of the course.

Where are you working now? Publica, a creative agency based in Christchurch, New Zealand.What is your job title and can you give some background on the duties and work that you are doing? Chief Illustrator, my main role at the studio is to develop illustration styles & creative solutions for clients and to facilitate other graphic designers meet briefs that also involve illustration. I also do other graphic design work at the studio ranging from posters to packaging, illustrated logos & brandmarks and creating custom fonts. In my past year at the studio I've done a wide variety of awesome work, including developing a brand, illustration style, typeface & bottle labels for Tongue in Groove Wines, a range of unique illustrations for Underground Coffee Co, and created an illustration style for a new Queenstown-based restaurant, Saigon Kingdom. How did your study prepare you for working in Industry? Yoobee gave me essential skills I needed as a prerequisite for working in my industry that I couldn't have gone without - how to set up a document correctly, colour settings, general prepress skills, etc. Without my time at Yoobee, I certainly wouldn't have been able to cope in the industry.Thinking back to your time at Yoobee, were there any moments that stood out as favourites? Eg. people or experiences that inspired you? My tutors who really pushed me to do my best, without them the experience would not have been the same. They really encouraged me to go beyond what I thought I was capable of in the course, supported me when I struggled with assignments and helped me to get the amazing job I have now.

Do you have any other comments about your study or career? My future is looking very exciting and every day I'm working on something new, exciting and better than yesterday. I get to work with other fantastic designers & developers on amazing projects for superb clients.

I started out as a Junior Graphic Designer, and within a year I had become Chief Illustrator at Publica, an achievement I'm incredibly proud of and Yoobee really gave me the opportunity to get there. I'd highly recommend anyone interested in getting into the design industry take the course, and to really push themselves while they're there, because the extra input will pay off in the