Ben’s Swiss Internship Kicks Off

There could be worse ways to start the day than waking up to a view of the Swiss Alps. That’s exactly what ACG Yoobee graduate Ben Roberts-Thomson will be treated to for the next 12 months, thanks to a new internship agreement between the ACG Tertiary & Careers Group and Soerenberg-based hospitality and tourism school HTMi.

Animation, Digital Video and Filmmaking graduate Ben was recently picked to take up the reins as HTMi’s first-ever ACG Yoobee intern.  His position as Media Trainee will see him managing the provider’s YouTube and iTunes U profile, creating newsletters and e-books, and being chief photographer and videographer at a range of exciting events. The internship includes flights, food and accommodation.  It’s anticipated that a similar internship at HTMi will be up for grabs for a worthy ACG Yoobee student every year.

After a couple of weeks of settling into the Swiss way of life, Ben has now started work.  Read on to find out how he’s enjoying it, and check back each month as we follow his journey …

I arrived in Switzerland at the end of July and was surprised to find it looks a lot like New Zealand scenery-wise.  I’m living five to ten minutes’ drive from the HTMi campus, in a house that has beautiful views of the mountains and valley.  The Alps are amazing!

I officially started work last week, and it’s been pretty relaxing so far, just editing pre-shot videos and doing a bit of photography.  By far the most challenging task has been filming and editing an interview that was entirely in Vietnamese. That was fairly difficult, to say the least! The software skills I learnt at ACG Yoobee have really helped me out. The MiT (Manager in Training) students and I have also been busy planning loads of cool events, such as quiz nights and film screenings, which has been a lot of fun.

The language barrier is not as much of an issue as I was expecting it to be, as the school operates on an English-only policy, and it hasn’t really been much of a shock culture-wise.  HTMi is very multicultural – people come here from all over the world to study – so it’s very much a melting pot.  The food has been an unexpected high point, as the Head Chef here used to work for Saudi royalty and whips up fantastic meals three times a day.  Everyone always says “Enjoy” when you sit down to eat, which I found a bit strange to start off with, but I’m sure I’ll be saying it soon too!

And as for homesickness? I haven’t felt any pangs yet.  Thank goodness for Facebook and Skype!