Cassidy's Journey at ACG Yoobee Christchurch, Part 7

An ad campaign for World Vision has given Cassidy Taylor the chance to put into practice the slew of technical and design skills she’s amassed so far this year at ACG Yoobee.  From taglines, to web banners to billboards, she’s created all that and more this month.  Read on to find out how!

I’ve really enjoyed the whole design process of developing an ad campaign, especially coming up with the tagline and creating an image to accompany it.  I decided to do my campaign for World Vision using the tagline ‘Fries for Lives’.  My concept was that for every bag or box of McDonald’s fries bought, ten percent would be given to those who are less fortunate.

I used Illustrator to create the fries, fries container and coins and then put it all together using InDesign.  Our web banners were created in Photoshop using RGB.  Trying to get all the text to fit and look right was tricky, as the image I created was at an awkward angle, but I’m really pleased with how it turned out. My favourite part is the image and colour combination - I was unsure about that at the beginning but I reckon it came together really nicely.  I love my billboard too!

Putting together my mid-year portfolio has also been keeping me busy. It’s been pretty time consuming finalising all of the redos and making sure everything was good to go – but at the same time totally awesome to see all of my work collated together, in one place.  It makes me realise how much I’ve achieved in just six months. It was also a big weight off my shoulders when I handed it in yesterday!

For a bit of light relief we’ve been working on a group project creating movie posters. My group was given the genre of action/adventure which was super exciting.  The four of us spent a day exploring Christchurch and taking heaps of photos which we then worked into our poster.  This, along with a motivational visit from a guest speaker and a field trip to the printers, has meant there’s not been much time for life outside of ACG Yoobee this month.  Luckily we just got a very cool new student common room on campus – spending most of my waking hours at ACG Yoobee Christchurch is definitely not a hardship!  I love it here.  The atmosphere is great – chilled, but at the same time very work-focussed.  The perfect mix!