Cassidy’s Journey at ACG Yoobee Christchurch, Part 10

It’s been a crazy year for Diploma of Computer Graphic Design student Cassidy Taylor.  This time 12 months ago she’d just finished high school and was packing her bags to start a new life in Christchurch. Design-mad and supremely talented, Cassidy was fully-amped to take the first step in her creative career by studying at ACG Yoobee.  Now, in the blink of an eye, she’s about to graduate, and is re-packing her bags for the trek home to sunny Nelson.

We checked in with her one last time to find out how she enjoyed the ACG Yoobee experience, and where she is heading for her next design fix.

I’ve had such an awesome time studying at ACG Yoobee Christchurch.  The course has been really fun and beneficial and I’d definitely recommend it. I’ve loved every minute of it! I’m really going to miss the atmosphere here - the tutors and students make it such a cool place to study.  Over the last month we’ve been working on redoes and getting our work up to industry standard ready for our exhibition and end of year portfolios.  It’s quite mind-blowing when you gather it all together and realise what you have actually achieved.  I think out of all the work I’ve created this year my favourite pieces would have to be my magazine, my book and my studio brief.  I love them all! 

I’ve learnt a huge amount from the course, but I think the most valuable tool of all I’ve picked up is Illustrator. I use it for almost every project! I’m graduating feeling well-prepared to launch my career in design, and I can’t wait to get started.  My dream is to work in a small, fun, dynamic studio.  I’ll start job hunting properly when I get back home to Nelson, however eventually I may end up back in Christchurch.  I’ve loved living in this city.  It was hard at first, but it has definitely payed off.  I’m really going to miss my flatmates though as without them I wouldn’t have made it through the year, and I definitely wouldn’t have had as much fun!

When I look back on 2015 I can’t believe it’s nearly over.  I’ve changed so much – I’ve gained confidence and am more independent.  Twelve months ago I was terrified about moving down here.  It’s crazy to think that now I don’t want to leave!