Design internship opens doors to Europe

A 12 month internship in Switzerland will provide the perfect platform for ACG Yoobee graduate Ben Roberts-Thomson to launch an international career in the creative industries.

The 20 year old has    just been snapped up by hospitality and tourism school HTMi in Soerenberg, for a one-year stint as a Media Trainee, starting next month.  The opportunity is the result of a new partnership between HTMi and the ACG Tertiary & Careers Group which will see the Swiss-based school offer an internship position to one ACG Yoobee graduate each year. Flights, food and accommodation will be paid for along with a small weekly wage.

For Ben - the first to take up the opportunity – it’s the chance of a lifetime.

“I was kind of stunned when I found out I’d been chosen, but that quickly grew to excitement.  The opportunity seems almost too good to be true.  This will really be a life-changing experience,” said Ben, who graduated from our Wellington Campus earlier this year with a Diploma in Animation & Digital Video and a Diploma of Digital Filmmaking (Advanced).

During the internship, Ben will be responsible for management of HTMi’s YouTube and iTunes U profile, photography and filming at events, creating monthly newsletters and e-books, and helping a wide range of teams with media-related tasks.  The new role provides plenty of scope for him to put his newly-developed skills into practice.

“The skillset ACG Yoobee has taught me will be invaluable, and will ensure I make high quality products. I’ll be going to many different social events, so I’m looking forward to getting in plenty of unstructured filming, instead of working from a script.  I’ll also have the opportunity to be involved in a Management in Training course, which will teach me an interesting new skillset.”

German is the main language spoken in Soerenberg, so Ben will also be doing a crash course before he heads off, with hopes to further develop his fluency throughout the year.  Although he’ll be busy honing his design skills and mastering a new language, Ben also hopes there’ll be time for a few adventures.

“Not only am I excited about the working opportunities this will involve, but I’m also very keen to meet new and interesting people.  Being in the heart of Switzerland will let me travel to neighbouring countries, such as France and Germany, and explore the beautiful landscapes. Soerenberg is right next to the Swiss Alps so I’ll hopefully get some snowboarding in too!”

Mark Worsop (General Manager, Tertiary for the ACG Tertiary & Careers Group) says the new internship programme provides a very unique and exciting opportunity for students at ACG Yoobee.

“Internships are an important part of gaining experience and developing your CV, both while you are studying and post-graduation,” said Mark.

 “The opportunity to live in Switzerland for a year with accommodation and food covered, and gain international experience at the same time, is amazing.  I’m sure it will put Ben – and future candidates – in a great position to grow their careers when they return to New Zealand.”

To follow Ben’s journey stay tuned into our blog section – from the end of August he’ll be giving us monthly updates on the life and times of a Media Intern in Switzerland…