Cassidy's Journey at ACG Yoobee Christchurch, Part 4

Defining corporate identities is one of the key roles of many graphic designers. This month Cassidy Taylor learns how to nail it, with a couple of juicy assignments to put her newfound skills into practice. Over the last month at ACG Yoobee we’ve covered the basics of magazine layouts, as well as starting work on Illustrator. I haven’t had much experience using that software, and I’m just lapping it up! There’s so much cool stuff you can create with it. We’re currently working on an Identity Design Brief. An Identity Design is creating a look for a business – this includes everything from a logo, business cards, with compliments cards, invoice, letterhead, receipt and style guide – all with the same design elements and flow. I’ve opted to create an Identity Design for myself as a graphic designer.

I called myself Anchor Designs because I love anchors, and have a passion for design and thought it could make a really cool logo. Check out what I’ve done so far! The assignment will take just under two weeks to complete, using InDesign and Illustrator, as well as hand drawn design elements which we can scan through the computer. The biggest challenge is to get it all done in time, and to the best of my ability, but so far it’s going good!

Our tutor Sigi helps us a lot with our work and gives us great feedback and tips to take our designs to the next level. I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor! You also get a lot of great feedback from your classmates. They’re awesome to be around and make ACG Yoobee a really fun learning place – in fact studying here has turned out to be even more fun than I’d imagined! I’m having such a blast this year. I love my Diploma of Computer Graphic Design course and I’m really loving Christchurch and the lifestyle down here. I’ve managed to do a few road trips with my mates to Akaroa and Hanmer Springs and recently went up the gondola which was unreal. It’s all pretty crazy, as I’ve also squeezed in a couple of trips home to Nelson, and am designing a friend’s wedding invitations in my spare time. I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t busy!