Cassidy's Journey at ACG Yoobee Christchurch, Part 5

Studying at ACG Yoobee this month has been a trip down memory lane for Diploma of Computer Graphic Design student Cassidy Taylor. Tasked with creating a book, Cassidy drew her inspiration from a family holiday to Oahu, Hawaii…

The brief was simple. Two weeks. Any topic. Any binding.

My pick was a travel-themed coffee table book about the island of Oahu. I had an amazing trip there a few years back and figured it would be the perfect opportunity to put some of my own photos to good use. It was fascinating to delve into book layout and design, and a great practical way to apply the skills we’ve learnt so far in class.

I used a bunch of different software programmes - Illustrator to make little illustrations, Photoshop to manipulate my photographs and InDesign for the main layout of my book. We were also taught about lots of different types of book binding and practiced a few different styles in class. It’s surprisingly fun! In the end I opted for Japanese Stitch binding. I stabbed myself with the needle a few times and tangled my thread multiple times, but it turned out pretty well in the end.

The project was due in yesterday. Early feedback looks promising – my tutor liked my book and said it was an interesting concept. I guess we will find out!

My diploma course is certainly helping me develop my technical skills and build up my confidence. We recently had a week to design anything we wanted using Illustrator, and I came up with a cool T-shirt design. It’s amazing what awesome things you can create once you know how to use all the software.

A couple of weeks ago we had a Behance night, where we got to see other students’ work and give out (and receive) “appreciation” stickers. I received stickers for my Anchor Designs Logo and my Botanical Gardens Banner – both of which I talked about in last month’s blog – so I was really wrapped. It’s quite a kick knowing people like your work!

Like many of my fellow classmates, my obsession with design doesn’t stop when the bell goes. A few of us are starting to dabble in design work for friends and family outside of course. I’m currently working on some wedding invitations for friends and have just finished printing out the mock-ups. I can’t wait to hear what they think of them!