Cassidy journey at ACG Yoobee, Christchurch, part 2

It’s smiles all round for Cassidy Taylor as she settles into her new life as an ACG Yoobee student in Christchurch. Check out what she’s been up to in the first few weeks of her Diploma of Computer Graphic Design…

My first day at ACG Yoobee was exciting! We had an orientation of our school and did lots of fun games to get to know our classmates and tutors. Our main tutor is Sigi, and we also have Mike and Dan a few times a week. They’re all awesome – they make classes really entertaining and are always there to help us. My classmates are also really cool. Every day there’s laughter and smiles, which makes for a great learning environment. We’re all different ages, ranging from 18 (me!) to 30, but we get along really well.

So far we’ve been playing around a lot with Photoshop and InDesign, and have been making posters to familiarize ourselves with the software. Here are a few of my creations! We’ve also had a few sessions using cameras. Photography is one of my passions so that’s been super-fun. Up until now though it’s been pretty relaxing – ACG Yoobee has been breaking us in gently. But that’s all about to change. We get our first assignment on Friday, which is slightly scary and very exciting!

Outside of school things are going equally well. I’m really enjoying experiencing life in a different city, especially one that’s so much bigger than what I’m used to. I’ve only been here for three weeks, but so far I’m loving it. It has definitely been a challenge moving from Nelson to Christchurch, but in a good way. The first few days were pretty hard, because I’ve never lived away from home so it was weird not seeing my family every day, but I’ve quickly made new friends on course and my flatmates are really great to be around. Isn’t it crazy how people from all over the country can come together into a flatting or classroom situation and instantly become friends?