Advanced 3D Graphics Students featured by Pixar's Renderman

The efforts of a group of ACG Yoobee students have impressed the team at Pixar’s RenderMan, earning them prestigious slots on RenderMan’s Community website.

The five students (Adam Broad, Momir Bos, Nick Cameron, Byron Luders and Dmytro Sidelynk) are all studying their Diploma in Advanced 3D Graphics at ACG Yoobee. Thanks to the off-the-hook work they produced for their first course assignment – ‘Still Life Production’ – they’ve been selected for publication on the RenderMan.

Featured Showcase, a section of the site which exhibits the most outstanding contributions from RenderMan users all around the globe. It’s a huge coup for the students, who are the first from ACG Yoobee ever to be featured on this influential site. Tutors Kennedy Faimanifo ( and Kevin Phillips are “more than happy” about the students’ achievements. “RenderMan is Pixar’s personal rendering engine, made free to the public last month. To be featured here is big news, because there’s a lot of great professional work up there, and it’s great to see our students competing alongside other industry artists,” says Kennedy. Although any digital platform provides a great opportunity for students to showcase their work, Kennedy believes this one is particularly noteworthy.

“RenderMan has now probably gone global with its free non-commercial render engine. This means all the industry artists who are either intrigued, or interested, will now be looking. There’ll be plenty of industry traffic so all eyes will be on these students. It’s an awesome achievement for them to be right up there with other artists competing for greatness!”

To check out their work go to pay special attention to:

  • First Render – Baymax Still Life! (Adam Broad)
  • First Project – Photo or RIS? (Momir Bos)
  • Maya Still Life. RIS (Nick Cameron)
  • Wall-E Still Life (Byron Luders)
  • Clay Head Still Life (Dmytro Sidelynk)