International Games Festival Eyes Up Game Art Students

The inspired creations of three ACG Yoobee Game Art students have been given the thumbs up by the submissions committee for the renowned 2016 International Games Festival (IGF).

Daniel Haddow’s ‘Terminull’, and Joshua Shapcott and Noel Kohere’s ‘Clock Out’ have both been accepted as submissions for the festival, the longest-running and highest-profile independent video game showcase on the planet.  Held next March in San Francisco, the festival is part of the 2016 prestigious global Game Developers Conference (GDC).

According to Game Art head tutor Taylor Carrasco, this is a huge achievement.

“This is the biggest competition festival of its kind and the committee receives thousands of submissions from all over the world, with around 600 accepted last year.  It is extremely difficult to have your submission accepted as games have to be ‘substantially feature complete’.  For our students to get their games to such a state in such a short time is an accomplishment in itself,” says Taylor.

Daniel’s Terminull is a PC video racing game, set inside the motherboard of a computer.  As a hacker in a computer activist group Sudonym, the aim of the game is to steal information for monetary gain, blackmail and control.

Meanwhile, Clock Out is a fully playable video game for the PC and iPad.  A top down shooter game, players clock out of work only to find that many of their co-workers have been turned into zombies.  Their challenge? Fight off the zombies and save their remaining colleagues.

Both games were created as projects from scratch during the first year of ACG Yoobee’s Game Art Diploma.

“These games initially started as game prototypes during the first run ever of Game Art, Year One.  Over the past few months they have materialized into extremely fun and fantastically designed games.”

They were most certainly a huge hit at Armageddon earlier this month with both games running non-stop on iPad and PC and floods of people lining up to play.

Judged by a panel of more than 100 independent game developers, the finalists and winners of the 2016 IGF will be announced in the New Year.  If the ACG Yoobee students make the grade it will catapult them into the industry at an international level.

“GDC is by far the best Game Conference in the world.  If our students are chosen as finalists it will be a fantastic achievement.  Nothing would be more important for nurturing their careers, or for solidifying ACG Yoobee’s reputation as the place to go for Game Design and Development.”

And regardless of whether or not the games make the final cut in San Francisco, it won’t be long before they’re available for game fanatics to try their hands at Down Under. Taylor aims to help both games get officially published to the Apple iOS App Store and Google Play early next year.

“These students aspire to be independent game developers, which is now a common career choice for game design enthusiasts. Josh and Noel already have a game published from an early Game Art assignment on Google Play called Ponytail Man, with a 4.9 out of 5 rating. All three of these students are extremely talented and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!”

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Clock Out


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