Ben gets into the Swing of Life at HTMi

An internship at Swiss hospitality school HTMi is giving ACG Yoobee graduate Ben Roberts-Thomson the chance to do exactly what he loves, all day, every day. The Animation, Digital Video and Filmmaking graduate from Wellington is now a good six weeks into his Soerenberg-based internship programme. The workload has ramped up, the pressure is on – and according to Ben, he couldn’t be happier!

It’s a lot of fun! I’m doing what I love, and seeing people respond positively to my work is a real buzz. I’m getting to try my hand at a wide variety of projects which makes the job really interesting.  Lately I’ve been working on lots of interviews and educational videos.  HTMi is a hospitality school so coffee is a big thing here.  I’ve been working on a bunch coffee tutorials and in the process have mastered the art of how to make a decent espresso.  An added bonus of the job! The video editing has been great fun, and my ACG Yoobee training in Adobe Creative Suite has proved to be invaluable.  Generally I work an eight hour day, but I’ve had to put in a few late nights as some of the videos have an extremely short turnover period – filmingand editing over the course of an afternoon! But tight deadlines and working under pressure are all part of the industry, so it’s good practice for me.

Life outside of HTMi is pretty awesome too.  My social life is going great. We have our fair share of parties and game nights at the bar and I’ve made a couple of good friends.  My German is still shockingly awful, but it hasn’t become a problem yet, as everyone here is so friendly and helpful.  I’ve already managed to squeeze in a bit of sightseeing – we checked out a Farmers’ Market in Bern, went to Lucerne, and also visited an incredible biscuit factory which had endless free samples of biscuits!  I can’t wait to see more of this amazing country…