Cassidy's Journey at ACG Yoobee Christchurch, Part 8

A lover of both music and design, Cassidy Taylor was champing at the bit to get stuck into her latest ACG Yoobee graphic design assignment – the much anticipated CD Packaging Brief.

I love listening to the music of Hillsong Young & Free - they’re a very upbeat Christian band, with a very fun vibe. I was amped about getting the chance to portray their music in a CD Package.  I used Photoshop to manipulate the colours of the photos, using effects and levels to create the colourful double exposure look, not just in the hair on the cover photo, but in most of the other pictures too.  I also used InDesign for my layout.  I think the final product looks really great, and my classmates and I think the bright colours reflect Hillsong Young & Free perfectly!

During the past few weeks our class has also been working on a ‘Kids in the Kitchen’ brochure.  Everything in the brief was provided for us – we just had to make it look appealing to children! I opted for a neutral, but brightly coloured theme, to make sure it was just as popular with the boys as it was with the girls! Now we’re testing our skills in the FMCG Packaging Brief.  I’m doing Nerds, and can’t wait to see how it turns out.

It’s an incredibly busy time of year at ACG Yoobee, and everyone is super-focussed on their work.  I have however managed to squeeze in a bit of extracurricular design work, and have just finished creating my second set of wedding invites for the year, which I’m pretty excited about.  I also took time out to attend a Nelson Creatives ‘Non-Awards’ Dinner, which was packed full of artists, graphic designers and printers from the Nelson area.  It was the perfect excuse to pay a visit to my hometown, and the ideal way to meet new people and start getting my name out there in the industry.  Although graduation is still a few months off, my classmates and I are all starting to think about our next steps.  We’ve recently made new CVs, which I reckon is a pretty good start!