Rio, Here I come!

When Ben Roberts-Thomson graduated from ACG Yoobee, event management wasn’t high on his list of career goals. But a year-long internship at a top hospitality management school in Switzerland was always going to shake things up a bit!

During his time at HTMi, Ben has discovered a hidden talent (and passion) for organising events. In fact he has become such a pro that he’s been picked to work at the Rio Olympics later this year, helping hotel groups manage meetings and ensuring their events run without any technical hitches. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime, and one that Ben admits to being more than a little excited about.

“Bring on the 2016 Rio Olympics! I can’t wait to use my newly-learnt event management skills at such an incredible event.  It will be a fantastic experience and an awesome challenge. I’ve been helping organise and run a lot of events since I’ve been at HTMi, and I’ve really loved it. It’s opened up a whole new world!

“Over the past month I’ve been part of a team organising everything from talent shows to research conferences.  My three favourites have been Mr and Miss HTMi, HTMi Superstar and the International Hospitality and Tourism Research Conference. I headed the Media Team in all three of these projects. I had a small team of students to manage (pictured here), was in charge of photography and video, and had to make sure everything worked from a technical standpoint as well, ensuring presentations ran properly and that sort of thing. It was a lot of fun!

“Although I graduated from ACG Yoobee with animation, digital video and filmmaking skills, (and a great foundation in the various aspects of the Adobe Creative Suite!), my photography skills were not quite at the same level. However since coming to HTMi, I’ve done a lot of photographic work and have picked up a lot of knowledge in this area. It’s been great to broaden my skillset.

“I’ve also learnt to relax a bit more. When hit with a big work load I now know that freaking out is not the best option! If you tackle your tasks one objective at a time, you get through it with ease (and way less stress!)”