The stuff legends are made of

While most of us headed to the beach to soak up some UV rays this Christmas, ACG Yoobee graduate Ben Roberts-Thomson lost himself in the tangled lanes of Italy’s historic capital. He wandered ancient ruins, was inspired by incredible art and was instantly smitten.

As an intern at Swiss hospitality and tourism school HTMi, the month long shutdown offered the perfect excuse for Ben to don his backpack, dust off his guidebook and check out some of the most revered places on the planet. With an itinerary encompassing not just Rome, but also Vatican City, Pompeii and Romania, Christmas 2015 will forever be etched on his memory as the holiday of a lifetime.

Now – like the rest of us – Ben is back to the grindstone. But with Europe literally sitting on his doorstep, and a job that’s challenging, creative, and a heap of fun, he’s not complaining!

“Getting to travel to all these places was absolutely amazing. Such a highlight! Now I’m really pumped about what the final six months of my internship will bring.  I think it’ll be quite different from the first six months because I’ve settled in and know my way around.  Hopefully things will be a bit easier!

“Recently I’ve been focussing my work on school graduations, making videos to showcase all the activities throughout the year and filming the graduation ceremonies themselves.  I love using Adobe Creative Suite and working on the wrap-up videos although it can get a bit stressful.  When you have ten videos to crack out over two weeks it’s pretty full on. My time management skills are improving big time! I’ve also now been tasked with managing the school’s Facebook and Twitter profiles using Hootsuite – I’m stoked to be adding the social media feather to my cap!”

Want to know more about what Ben really does from nine til five? Check out some of his work here: