Wild weather makes for a welcome 48 hours inside for game jam in Wellington

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Wild Wellington weather made for a good excuse to stay indoors all weekend for the 48 hour ACG Yoobee Kiwi Game Jam.

 Fifty one people holed-up inside the Yoobee campus in Wellington to design a brand new virtual game.

"The atmosphere was awesome,"  ACG Yoobee training services manager Blair Willems said.

 "It was terrible weather in Wellington, which you could see clearly from the room we were in. A great weekend to stay inside and be productive."

 The game jam provides game designers from across New Zealand a chance to test their coding and design skills by coming up with a new game in just 48 hours.

The mystery theme,  They wander among us, was revealed to gamers on Friday evening and they had until Sunday to create something around it.

 "Sunday there was definitely some sleep deprivation kicking in for some people," Willems said.

 "Teams were all really excited and tired, there was a sense of teamwork in the air. It was really nice to see how considerate everyone was of each other and the space."

 One team created a strolling simulator that mimicked John Cleese's ministry of silly walks.

 Star Wars: A New Hope played in the background, slowed down to stretch across 48 hours, it acted as the unofficial timer for the event.

 The death star exploded just as the Sunday, 5pm deadline was reached.

 "For the next hour teams buzzed around playing each other's games, and noting their favourites on the ballot for the people's choice award. The awards were light hearted, but a lot of fun," Willems said.

 Lead game designer at Magic Leap, James Everett, was on hand to view the final creations.

 Several of the 'jammers' plan to take their game concepts hurriedly put together over the weekend further.

Organisers hope to hold the jam again next year.

 Six of the ten games designed over the weekend can be played here.