A diploma qualification from renowned hospitality and tourism school HTMi is one of the many highlights of Ben Roberts-Thomson’s year-long Swiss internship.

His stint as Media Trainee – which wraps up this month – has been the experience of a life-time for the creative 21year old, who cleverly managed to juggle work and study and has just graduated with an HTMi Diploma in Training for Trainers in Media Management. 

Adding an international qualification to his CV is a smart move, not to mention all that invaluable work experience. Whilst interning at HTMi, Ben has managed the school’s YouTube and iTunes U profiles, created newsletters and e-books, and worked as their chief photographer and videographer. He also travelled around Europe, skied the Swiss Alps and is now on his way to Rio! Yep! There’s no denying that being an intern at HTMi has been nothing short of mind-blowing.

Ben was the first to kick off the new internship agreement between the ACG Tertiary & Careers Group and HTMi. However he certainly won’t be the last! As Ben shops for his final souvenirs and zips up his suitcase, Sam Caldwell is frantically trying to learn German and hunting out his Sorels. Sam has just graduated from ACG Yoobee Wellington with a Diploma in Animation and Digital Video, and a Diploma in Filmmaking (Advanced), and -  like Ben - is uber-excited about the opportunities the Soerenberg-based internship will dish up.

So auf wiedersehen Ben. But before you go, how bout a few words?

“The internship has been an incredible experience, both on a personal level and a professional one.  The experience I’ve gained in marketing and teamwork has been invaluable. I’ve also grown as a person – apparently I’m much more relaxed and confident, which has got to be a good thing!  I’ve made so many awesome friends during my year here, gained loads of practical experience, learnt heaps, and even come away with a new qualification! Here I am being presented with it at the recent graduation ceremony!

“As well as receiving a certificate at the ceremony I was also responsible for filming and editing the event. That – along with the work I’ve been doing filming a series of chef videos and setting up a bunch of news releases – has kept me pretty busy lately. My skills in the Creative Suite and Hootsuite are now nicely honed!

“That said, the school has still allowed me plenty of time to explore. I’ve visited heaps of amazing places in Europe since arriving here, and also got to meet up with family in the UK who I hadn’t seen for ages. Pretty cool aye?!

“Even more exciting though is the role I’ve landed in Rio, working for the Olympic committee in the Olympic family hotels. I can’t wait! I’ve got a month over there, which is pretty incredible. Then it’ll be time to head back Down Under, score myself a job in a marketing department somewhere and start work on some of the short film ideas I’ve had. Never a dull moment!”