New kids on the block

ACG Yoobee School of Design has a brand-new team of insanely talented animators and VFX filmmakers – meet the latest Diploma in Advanced 3D Graphics (Level 7) cohort!

These crazy creatives have formed SQUIDMELON, a small production team who are chronicling their year-long journey through the Level 7 course, with legendary tutor Kennedy Faimanifo at the helm.  


Follow them on Facebook and Vimeo check out what they’re learning, what they’re mastering and - most importantly of all - what they’re creating.


In fact tune in now – they’ve just had their first foray into still life projects!


And later this year they’ll create their own short film, taking us along for the ride through the entire process, from preproduction through to the first screening.


If you’ve been dreaming of becoming an animator or VFX filmmaker, but haven’t got the grit/talent/drive, tune into SQUIDMELDON and see what you are missing out on.


Start following their epic journey today!