Tauranga Zinefest Creates a Buzz

Zinefest – Tauranga’s newest creative festival – was the perfect stage for ACG Yoobee students to showcase their talents on Queen’s Birthday Weekend.

Presented in collaboration with The Incubator and the Tauranga Art Gallery, the festival provided a forum for zine-loving zine-makers to share their knowledge, experience and creations.

(For those non-ziners out there, ‘zines’ are small, self-published magazines – often mass-produced by photocopier – covering all manner of random topics, from fanfiction and personal journals to social theory and intersectional feminism. Pretty much all the topics that mainstream media won’t touch with a ten foot barge pole.)

ACG Yoobee Tauranga tutor Akhil Warrier was in zine-heaven. So too were many of his students.

“It was such a cool event. There were workshops, speakers (including Bryce Galloway, Linda Lew and Ezra Whitaker), demonstrations and loads of other ziney zine goodness,” says Akhil.

“It was all about promoting and celebrating self-published work in the community, and was a great stage for artists to showcase not just their zines, but also any comics, self-published or creative work.”

Open to artists, writers, poets and other crazy creatives, the work of a group of teens from ACG Yoobee Tauranga created a big stir.

“We had 13 ACG Yoobee Tauranga students participating in the festival - and between them they sold a total of 35 zines! Just amazing!”