"Hello technology , bring me my pizza"

Ordering pizza made easy with technology. Domino’s Pizza has introduced a voice-based ordering system, a similar technology to Apple’s Siri.

Instead of surfing the website and clicking on Pizza’s you want to order, you’ll be able to simply tell the Domino’s app what to order.

According to the Chief executive Don Meij, it’s an innovative way of engaging with customers and will make online ordering fun.

The only limitation he admits is where there are a group of friends ordering together and shouting, this may affect the voice activation system.  To counter that, they’ve developed a text option which will enable customers to send a message while they’re on the app.

This app will be rolled out in New Zealand in the coming weeks!

Moreover, Domino’s has also planned to announce ‘Domino’s Anywhere’ allowing customers to pin their location using GPS, bear beaches, parks etc. 


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