Simon Folkerts Diploma of Web Development

What was the purpose of this project?
Simon: The purpose of the project was to serve as an early exploration into interactive web applications and games. I had learned that modern versions of HTML could be used to make much more advanced interactive applications than I’d thought possible, so I wanted to see for myself what was involved in the creation of such an application. It also served as an excellent opportunity to become more familiar with object oriented style programming in Javascript. I decided to replicate the mechanics of an old mobile game I had played years ago called ‘Space Deadbeef’ by I.D.B. By working towards this specific goal I was forced to overcome obstacles rather than make compromises and take shortcuts, which ended up being very beneficial to the learning process.

What technologies were used?
Simon: The three cornerstones of the project are HTML5, Javascript and jQuery, as well as 3D modeling and image editing done via Autodesk Maya and the Adobe Suite. The HTML5 canvas element serves as the game area and draws the game state frame by frame. The program itself is written in Javascript and jQuery and forms the backbone of the project, performing all necessary functions to run the game and handle the assets. Finally, Autodesk Maya and the Adobe Suite allowed me to create and animate the images and sprites used in the game and give it a more aesthetically pleasing appearance than simply using rectangles.

What did you learn from this project?
Simon: The project taught me several things. First and foremost my understanding of object oriented programming in Javascript has increased tremendously over what I knew beforehand. I learned a lot about the canvas element, its abilities and advantages as well as its shortcomings and how to work around them. I also learned a lot about the specifics of movement and collision detection in a 2D game and the ways in which different effects and mechanics can be achieved. Overall it has been a very rewarding experience and I feel I have gained much from this project.

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