Social Media Strategy Workshop by Pauline Stockhausen

About Pauline

Pauline is a social media strategist and an expert in online communities. She hosts two popular podcast shows; How to Win at Life and The Social Media Strategy Podcast. Pauline is a blogger, columnist and brand ambassador. Passionate, creative, and intuitive, Pauline shines a light on the art of social media to people wanting to create and nurture their own online communities and can turn the dullest of online marketing plans into a lightning rod for business. She has built her online business which teaches thousands of business owners across the world on how to build successful businesses on social media. She grew her email list to 62,000 in just under 14 months. She educates entrepreneurs, and corporations, on how to use social media, build communities and successful email lists.

An international keynote speaker, Pauline most recently presented at the world’s largest social media marketing conference – Social Media Marketing World 2016 and 2017.  Held in San Diego, she was the first New Zealander to speak at the event for her specialist online community skills. She is an avid writer, photographer and videographer and she knows how to engage and entertain an online

Workshop Purpose

This one day workshop has been designed to teach you about creating success when using Social Media to grow your business in three ways:

  1.        How to set up your Social Media Foundation
  2.        How to design your Social Media Strategy
  3.        To teach you where you need to spend your time and effort

You will learn how digital marketing works and how to build an audience who will Like, Know and Trust, and then Buy. 

When you leave this workshop at the end of the day, you will have a Social Media Strategy that you can implement to grow your business.

Workshop Breakdown

  1.        Intensive platform breakdown - find out which platforms will work well for your specific business needs.
  2.        Business Foundation - understand your online pipeline, from website, pop-ups, lead pages and email marketing.
  3.        The secrets in how to build an audience who Like, Know and Trust, and then Buy from you.
  4.        Influencer Marketing – find out how you can use it to reach larger audiences.
  5.        Brand Story - learn how to tell your story online to captivate your audience.
  6.        Content - How to use video, images and text to get your messages out.
  7.        Selling online –learn the art of selling without the ‘hard sell’.
  8.        The Art of Facebook Advertising - I share my secret tips on how to use it effectively.

Wednesday 28 June, 9am – 4pm, $295

Yoobee School of Design

Level 2, 20 Kent Tce


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