Women in Industry - Guest Speaker Series

Earlier this year I was approached by our Training Services Manager, Peter Godkin with the brilliant idea of addressing the shortage of skilled creative technology professionals by encouraging more young female students to pursue a career in the creative technology sector.

It has been a hot topic for the past few years, and it has been identified that females are currently under represented in the technology sector, especially in creative technology.

I was excited to be involved in this concept, so I looked into our pool of industry stakeholders, and put together a series of  six major talks which covered a wide range of topics including digital media, as well as entrepreneurship, that ran almost every month between March to October 2017.

Last night’s session wrapped up this year’s collection of eleven industry guest speakers inspiring our students from various programmes and intakes. The series hase also been attended by a good number of local female high school students, who are still considering which pathway they’d like to go in the near future. I’m very grateful for the time spent and knowledge shared by our stakeholders below.

Here’s a summary of speakers we had for the year of 2017:       

1. Nadia Thorne, Head of Studio at CerebralFix

2. Brook Waters, CEO of Stickmen Media and MTech Games

3. Margaret Pickering, COO of MTech Games

4. Chris Flack, Design Director from Strategy Design

5. Philippa Jacobs, CEO from Pinnacle and Co.

6. Regina Speer, Communication Designer from Swoppy and MOOJ Music App

7. Ryan O’hara, Director at Voyage

8. Vanessa Wells, Actor/Presenter/Voice Artist and Board Member of Women in Film and TV NZ

9. Jackie Maw, Director and Founder of Film Canterbury

10. Rebecca Tavete, Founder of Social Web and Argo Beach Co-working Space

11. Kyla Kuzniarski, Designer and Illustrator

We are already planning the schedule for our next year’s series of events, if you or someone you know would like to participate, and be a guest speaker in one of the events, please email Peter at peter.godkin@acgedu.com for more information.