Yoobee's in the top 100 International Animation Schools!

Yoobee, the largest specialised digital design school in the country, has been ranked amongst the Top 100 International Animation School rankings by the Animation Career Review.

Based in North America, the Animation Career Review is one of the top online resources for people aspiring for careers in animation, game development/design/art, graphic design, digital art, and related fields. 

The Animation Career Review have once again recognised Yoobee School of Design as one of New Zealand’s leading specialised digital design schools, saying that: “Yoobee … is already one of the best
schools in the world for aspiring animators and game designers.”

Yoobee and Animation College, who also made the Top 100, are both part of New Zealand’s leading independent provider of vocational training, New Education Group.

Discover more about their Top 100 international rankings here:   https://www.animationcareerreview.com/articles/2018-top-100-international-animation-school-rankings